About us

Who we are

Oh My Vegan! is brought to you by Lydia and Amy. Long time friends, we bonded over our love of fashion and commitment to protecting animals, people and the environment. 

We are passionate about ethical, slow fashion - shoes and accessories that are made well and made to last, that don't cost the earth, and look as good as any leather-based product.

Why sustainable fashion?

While searching for their own vegan, sustainable fashion the duo noticed a gap in the market - a one stop shop of the finest, ethically made shoes and accessories. Life is too short to search from website to website to shop for sustainable fashion.

The friends came together in summer 2021 to embark on this new business - in between juggling a toddler, a full time job and all the other admin of daily life, they’re passionate about creating a collection that caters for all budgets of sustainable shopper so that shopping vegan isn’t a luxury, but a smart choice. 

Oh My Vegan! provides you with an effortless shopping experience, selling the best vegan footwear and accessories from across the globe. Our carefully curated range is always growing: sign up to our newsletter, or follow Oh My Vegan! on social, for the latest styles and collections.