Best vegan summer sandals

Best vegan summer sandals

With summer temperatures seemingly lasting forever, it’s not too late to get yourself a pedi and slide into some sustainable sandals. Whether you’re dressing up or down and if you’re heading to work or the beach, when temperatures soar, sticking on a pair of socks and shoes is the last thing you need. Keep your feet cool and the rest of your body will be cooler - we need all the coping strategies we can as temperatures hit 40+!

Check out our list of the most on-trend summer sandals made from vegan materials. Fit for women, men and tots to finish off your summer outfits.

Sustainable sliders

Perfect for the pool or for pairing with denim cut-offs, sliders sing holiday lilos to us. We love the Portonovi slides that are made from previously unused inner soles - a waste product that other shoe manufacturers would usually throw away. Using vegan leather, these sliders are reducing waste as well as limiting their environmental impact on production.

The unbeatable summer sandal

Find a summer outfit that doesn’t look good with comfortable, cork-bed sandals and we’ll eat our (vegan-leather) hat. Bay easy slip ons mould to your feet with their comfortable cork bed meaning they are super comfortable and super cool, no matter whether you’re pounding city streets or camping in a shaded forest.

Low summer heels

We’ve seen our fair few of sweltering brides and grooms this summer. When the dress code is smart, but the temperature is turned up, Will's low-heeled sandals are a great option to give your feet the chance of lasting the evening on the dancefloor. Perfect for transitioning through to colder weather too, wear them with a pair of cute socks and a skirt for the ultimate preppy look.

Keeping kids cool

Trying to get our kids into anything more than a swimming costume in this weather can seem like a battle, but for when your little ones need to get dressed and get out the house/hotel room then Young Soles' Pearl sandals are just the right mix of cool and smart. We love them in silver, but they look just as neat in red, gold or white.

This season’s must have

The platformed style isn’t going away - trainers, boots, even crocs - if it doesn’t come with a platform, frankly we’re not wearing it. Naturally, with the arrival of summer, it’s the sandal’s turn to be ‘platformed’ and we love these simply designed, soft beige Verbenas from Urbanima. Wear them with short shorts, floaty dresses or barrel-leg trousers - they go with them all and will bring all your old summer essentials bang up to date.




*Photo credit - Nae, S/S Collection, Bay Sandals